55-inch QLED TV deal is so good we thought it was a mistake

A large QLED TV for under $300? Our eyes must be failing us. But no, Walmart is actually offering TV deals this good right now — at least until they wise up. You can grab the onn. 55-inch QLED TV for only $298 right now, a $130 discount off its usual price of $428. This was already a cheap QLED TV, but now it seems like Walmart is practically giving it away. Put this QLED TV deal in your cart before Walmart takes it down, then come back and read about why this is such a steal.

Why you should buy the 55-inch onn. QLED TV

If you’re shopping for QLED TV deals, you probably don’t need us to explain why they’re an obvious upgrade over standard LED. As a quick recap, QLED TVs use a special panel of quantum dots that allow for a wider range of colors, along with helping to upscale content. Consider it a general quality of life update. You’ll get to appreciate high-definition content more by seeing it in all its color and crispness.

This onn. TV in particular doesn’t skimp out on benefits just to give you a lower price point. It still has crucial tech in it that you’ll immediately notice if you upgrade. For instance, it has 36 local dimming zones, meaning you’ll get deeper blacks in scenes that are a mix of dark and light — only the light areas will be lit, allowing the pixels in darker areas to remain pitch black. It’s not OLED, but it’s far better than a standard side- or back-lit LED panel. This onn. QLED TV also has a 60Hz refresh rate, and a processor that effectively upscales that to 120Hz. It has Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, so you can see and hear movies exactly as the director intended. As an added bonus, it has Roku built right into it, so you can access all your streaming channels without having to plug in any external devices.

You can grab the onn. 55-inch QLED TV for a measly $298 right now, an insane deal we couldn’t believe was real. QLED TV deals like this are few and far between, so snag this one before it sells out or Walmart ups the price.

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