Forspoken settings: change these settings for a better experience

The trend of modern games featuring more robust options and accessibility settings makes games like Forspoken a better experience for all. While PC players are used to a suite of customization settings to tweak, console gamers are still getting used to them for the most part. While developers can’t be expected to predict the best default options for every player, there are a few here that we feel confident most people will want to at least consider changing. Here are the best settings you should change in Forspoken to make your time in Athia more enjoyable.

Frame rate over resolution

Frey using magic in Forspoken.

Forspoken lets you pick between prioritizing the frame rate, meaning it will run as close to 60 frames per second (fps) as possible, over a higher resolution. While a beautiful-looking game is always nice, this is a game all about feel, and chugging along at or below 30 fps just feels wrong. When the spells start flinging, and you’re gliding through the battlefield amid a shower of particle effects, that higher frame rate will look way better than slightly better lighting.

Automatic item gathering

Mountains in Forspoken.

Being an open world game, Forspoken is absolutely bursting with different materials and resources you will need to collect. While we thankfully don’t have to deal with Frey mumbling about sending items to her stash every 5 seconds (more on dialogue coming up!),  you do still need to manually approach and interact with every single item you want to gather. This is not only time-consuming, but just plain boring, so go into the accessibility settings and toggle on the Automatic item gathering option. Once on, any resource nearby will magically be added to your inventory so you can get on with your adventure.

Stamina Recovery Speed

Frey uses magic to travel across the landscape in Forspoken.

Unless you’re backtracking through an area you’ve already explored and can fast travel, you’ll be making long treks across the world on foot. Unfortunately, Frey is bound by a stamina system that limits how long you can move at a decent speed. While you can upgrade it over time, there’s really no point to it outside of battles. If you agree, you can’t turn the system off, but can at least make your stamina regenerate much faster. Just go into the Gameplay Balance menu and turn Stamina Recovery Speed to the easy setting.

Easy spell switching

Frey uses fire magic in Forspoken.

You begin your journey with a very manageable amount of spells in Forspoken, but before long, you’ve got way more than you can realistically juggle and keep track of during an intense battle. Normally, switching spells will reduce time to a crawl while you figure out which spell you want to bring out next, which is fine at first. Eventually, though, you will want to change that to a full time stop so you feel no pressure trying to navigate through all your different elements and spell types.

Get Cuff to shut up

Frey shields her face with her arms in Forspoken.

Yeah, yeah, Cuff and Frey talk a lot. Like it or not, sometimes you just want to enjoy the world in peace and quiet without constant quipping and joking around, especially when the dialogue begins to loop. Do yourself a favor and switch the Cuff chat frequency option in accessibility from the default of high down to either low or minimal. Minimal will cut out all non-story-essential dialogue, so don’t worry about missing anything important.

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