Lettuce Grown Inside Supermarket Is Sold Without Packaging, Reducing Unnecessary Waste


A supermarket in Cairo is moving towards a whole new level of freshness and sustainability when it comes to fresh produce. Rather than package their lettuce in the usual plastic, even if it was biodegradable packaging, this particular company is opting to put a hydroponic refrigerator directly inside the supermarket to not only grow lettuce in the store, but to make sure that no one complains about freshness or the distance it takes for the produce to travel from its growing place to the store.

A hydroponic system is actually a way that allows certain plants to grow inside humid tubes without the need for soil, but rather supplementing via liquid fertilizer and nutrients. This type of system also uses 90% less water than that of soil gardening, and it’s highly effective for fast growing greens.

The company in question is Schaduf, a company that prides itself in being one of the top pioneers for sustainability in the Middle East since 2011. They explain on their website, “We specialize in diverse sections of services to make sure that we deliver the goal of sustainable Urban cities, such as: Landscape Design, Urban Farming, Green Walls, Green Roofs.”

They hope to further expand their technology to other stores as well, in order to reduce the carbon footprint of the usual travel that’s linked to vegetables and fresh fruit.

Cairo isn’t the only city that’s working to become more sustainable. In fact, hydroponic farms are becoming incredibly popular in built-up areas, as well as developing indoor vertical farms found in warehouses, or more commonly as rooftop gardens in other big cities like Montreal, New York, and London.

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