Mario Maker 2 player creates full-length Super Mario Bros. sequel

It’s been a bit since we’ve had a brand-new 2D Mario title, but one fan has taken it upon himself to provide that to those pining for a new entry in the classic platformer franchise. After seven years of hard work, Twitter user Metroid Mike 64 has finished his unofficial Super Mario Bros. 5 using Super Mario Maker 2 on Switch — and you can play through the entire thing right now.

Metroid Mike 64 shared the news with his followers on Sunday, pointing out that he’s been working on the project since 2015 with the goal of creating “a classic Mario game that plays as if Nintendo created it themselves.” This, he points out, means a complete lack of the kinds of masochistic and troll levels that are commonly seen in Mario Maker 2, instead providing players with something focused on nostalgia and old-school charm.

I’ve finally finished creating my Super World in Mario Maker 2 and have unofficially named it Super Mario Bros 5. I’ve been working towards this moment since 2015, trying to create a classic Mario game that plays as if Nintendo created it themselves.

— Metroid Mike 64 (@MetroidMike64) September 25, 2022

Having begun work on his unofficial Super Mario Bros. 5 using the original Mario Maker for Wii U, Metroid Mike 64 had to meticulously move his creation over “block for block” to Mario Maker 2 when it was released in 2019. It was a time-consuming process, but the end result is something he’s clearly quite proud of. With eight worlds and 40 full levels based on various early games in the beloved series — and even world maps with branching paths connecting them all together — he’s ensured that there’s plenty for Mario enthusiasts to enjoy here.

If you’d like to check out Metroid Mike 64’s Super Mario Bros. 5 in Super Mario Maker 2, you can do so right now by using the maker ID 0G9-XN4-FNF.

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