PayPal Goes on Rampage Closing Out Accounts

By Jorgen Soby

PayPal has gone on a rampage by blocking organizations they don’t like access to their services.

The Free Speech Union (FSU) is one of several organizations that just lost access to the financial platform.

“PayPal has demonetised the Free Speech Union. It is not uncommon for financial companies like PayPal to withdraw services from individuals or groups who express politically contentious views, but this is the first time an organisation that defends people’s right to express such views has been demonetised. This is a new low and takes us one step closer towards a Chinese-style social credit system in which those who do not toe the party line are shut out of the financial system,” states their press release.

FSU defines itself as “non-partisan, mass-membership public interest body that stands up for the speech rights of its members.” But according to PayPal, this platform doesn’t deserve access to its services.

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PayPal is a financial platform that allows anyone to make a living or maintain a business by receiving financial transfers without requiring personal bank information for every transaction.

Another organization shut down by PayPal is Law-or-Fiction, which consists of lawyers fighting against the legality of vaccine restrictions.

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Additionally, PayPal shut down Gays Against Gr**mers, an organization that opposes teaching gender ideology in schools. Gays Against Gr**mers noted that PayPal is okay with providing its services to an organization called MAP (Minor Attracted Persons). MAP is a term used to normalize pedophilia.

And The Daily Sceptic (online media) was also banned by PayPal this week.

“PayPal has closed the accounts of the Daily Sceptic and the Free Speech Union, a new low in Big Tech’s war on free speech. Not only can you not express certain views, you can’t defend people’s right to express them,” the Daily Sceptic stated.

Many people have been cancelling their PayPal accounts in protest. The #CancelPayPal hashtag is actively gaining momentum on Twitter.

Some people and institutions have advocated for using cryptocurrencies to prevent third-party interference while transacting.

Source: The Counter Signal

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