Philanthropic Boy Starts Food Bank In His Garden Shed Using Money He Got For His Birthday


They say that kindness begins at home. This is trait that everyone should have, and this comes easily for some people, children oftentimes are just too engaged with play that they don’t often think about acts of charity. Instead, they’re just living their lives and enjoying their childhood.

Then, there are those who have shown kindness even at such a young age. These young children should be shown to the world. They may inspire others to follow in their footsteps because, in reality, one is never too young to start helping.

One of these rare souls is a kind-hearted 11-year-old boy named Isaac Winfield. He celebrated his birthday and got money as a gift. He used his own cash to launch a foodbank service. This simple service  happens in his garden shed and the place has been filled with items that can truly help the people around.

What Isaac does is fill bags with groceries. Then, he goes around his hometown community and donates them or hands these out to those who need it the most. This foodbank has been around since 2020, and since then, the service has grown immensely. In fact, his family bought a shed just so he can store the hundreds of donated items that are now in his care.

Well-wishers can also do their share and donate food or ask for supplies. All they need to do is contact this young man through his Friends of Isaac Food Bank Facebook page. This is where they can get the details and get a reply from this charitable youth.

“We’d always donated to food banks, and during the pandemic he would take food parcels into school which would be given to people in need,” said Claire, Isaac’s mom and one of his biggest supporters. She shows pride when she talks about her little boy, as she should. In fact, she shared that Isaac had recently moved to a specialist school that didn’t have a program. This left him gravely depressed because he felt the need to continue and help people.

“Being the resilient little lad he is, he said ‘it’s alright, we’ll give them food at my house,’” shared Claire. “I was laughing, but he had just broken his arm so I let him do it to cheer him up. I doubled what money we gave them normally for food parcels and he went off to Aldi.”

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As an answer to his conundrum, Isaac’s parents decided to give him a lift in the van during weekends. They repainted this and customized with his very recognizable rainbow logo. However, there are also times that Isaac takes the bags of groceries to people just on foot.

For the people who have an immediate need and are unable to wait for the delivery, they can simply go to Isaac’s foodbank shed in his hometown of Redditch, Worcester. The shed 24-hours-a-day and they can simply go there to help themselves. Hence, the food is available for anyone in need any time, night or day.

“With a little bit of help he put all the food he bought in a little greenhouse with some lights and started offering it from there,” Claire said as she reminisced. “Someone spotted it and put it on one of those Facebook community sites and it went mad. The greenhouse lasted four weeks before I had to go and get a shed because we ran out of room.”

Isaac is still planning to grow his project and wants to expand the service. He has now partnered with a local charity that will sponsor him to open a foodbank just in the area where he lives. But there’s also more to it than that. He has managed to attract the attention of big sponsors such as Morrison’s as well as a local charity called Building Bridges. With his backup, he is able to keep his foodbank fully operational.

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YouTubers such as Mark McCann have seen what he’s done and has donated the van that they had decorated, which has been given fully-taxed and insured. This helps keep help mobile for Isaac, which is what he appreciates.

“We have the big shed on the driveway and operations will continue from the house. Luckily we have a big driveway.”

What many don’t know is that Isaac was born with a rare chromosome disease. Instead of keeping himself locked in the house, the foodbank he created has helped him immensely by giving him a confidence boost considering that he’s unable to read or write.

“For his 11th birthday he just wanted foodbank donations and [the shed] was absolutely rammed,” said Claire. “He just wanted to get as many donations in as possible to help as many people as he can.”

Isaac has been noticed. In fact, he was nominated for a local business award. With his achievements at such a young age, he doesn’t plan to stop. In fact, he dreams of opening his second foodbank in the town next month.

Isaac is the perfect example of a boy who can be who wants to be, despite the hurdles that have been given to him. He continues to dream big and he still wants to constantly provide help. He truly is a shining example of how one person can conquer all if you just put your mind to it and never give up.


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