Selfless Window Cleaner Scrubbing Signs For Free To Give Back To The Community

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Most road accidents happen because of reckless drivers. Then, there are those who were simply unable to read the road signs properly. This is why communities need to ensure that the road signs are mounted in visible areas and kept clean.

When drivers are able get proper direction, the chances of staying safe on the road increase. Unfortunately, not too many people are up for the task of cleaning these signs and making sure the people on the road are able to see them.

For one young man, he decided to do what many couldn’t. He who started a window washing business has been cleaning road signs for free during his spare time. This was his way of giving back to the community and making sure that the roads stay safe.

This man is named Liam Wildish. This philanthropic work of his started when he scrubbed the signs in Maidstone, England of this year. This came he launched his new window service and the cleaning became a way for him to market what he did. Since then, he had already become a known figure in the local area.

“Some of the signs in Maidstone are in terrible condition so when I pass them I pull up and give them a clean-up,” said Liam, a 25-year-old. He spoke to SWNS news about what he did.

“I like to think it makes a difference to the appearance of the area and hopefully improves road safety during these long winter nights.”

Liam is from Nottinghamshire and he makes himself visible as he dresses himself in a red cap and his bright blue company jacket. Because people have seen what he’s been doing, his Facebook posts have been flooded with messages from strangers who said that they saw him working.

“People wave at me or beep their horns, or comment on my videos to say they saw me out,” he shared.

When Liam came to Maidstone in 2021, he didn’t know anyone in the area. As a way to build a new portfolio of clients, he worked from scratch just to get noticed. After six weeks with his new business called Clean Scene, he began cleaning the road signs as a way to thank the people in the community who had assisted him via word-of-mouth recommendations and good feedback.

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What Liam has been doing has promoted his business because this young yet resourceful entrepreneur shoots videos of himself. He then shares these on the Maidstone community pages for everyone to see. “It’s a bit of a win-win for everybody,” he said.

Liam particularly enjoys the quiet reflectiveness of the solitary work, but when someone approaches him, they also will realize that he’s actually talkative and he loves meeting new people.

Right now, work isn’t even halfway done. Liam wants to look into organizing litter clean-ups with the youth clubs in the area so that he can help the community even more.

“It’s very rewarding,” he stated.


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