Versatile: Use Zendure’s SuperBase V power station anywhere

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It is effectively the year of the portable power station, and for good reason. In a time when grid-based power is increasingly unreliable, people are looking for alternatives, but for all-purpose use and not just for their homes. That includes during road trips, while camping, and even while living completely off-grid, whether in a van or a small cabin. While there are many such products on the market, one of the newest is Zendure’s SuperBase V, which first made an appearance at IFA 2022 in Berlin — from September 2-6. After making a big splash during the trade show, it will soon be available to order through Kickstarter, starting September 27th.

But what does the Zendure SuperBase V have to offer, and how does it set itself apart from the competition? The SuperBase V is a Home Power Storage System, and with it, Zendure aims to provide true power independence with zero compromises. With a satellite expansion module, solar power, and paired with AC outlet power, the system can be charged up to a maximum of 6.6-kolwatts. It can operate as both a generator, or portable power station, and a zero-downtime UPS system to keep the power on during an outage. You’ll have plenty of time to save your work if the power trips, for example, or you can keep gaming and get to a save spot if you’re in the middle of playing. As a more serious example, critical medical equipment can remain powered on such as a CPAP machine or breathing apparatus. Of course, there’s a lot more to it, which you can read about below. You can head over to Zendure’s website to learn more too.

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How can you best use the SuperBase V?

Zendure SBV solar panel installation for outdoor recharging.

Portable power stations like Zendure’s SuperBase V might seem like an enigma to those who have never used or seen them before. Are they like traditional generators? Are they for charging mobile devices and small electronics? Can you hook them up to an RV or small living space? The answer is “yes” to all of these questions and more. You see, the SuperBase V is a plug-and-play energy storage solution for nearly any application or purpose. While it works incredibly well as a backup power solution for your home, it can also handle off-grid and on-the-go living situations. Even those who have used a portable power station before will be impressed by its versatility and how much it has to offer in terms of power independence.

Truthfully, the best answer for how you can use the SuperBase V is any way you want or deem necessary. If you already have a traditional gas-powered generator hooked up to your home’s sub-panel, you can quickly upgrade to the SuperBase V with a single cable — it takes 60 seconds or less to install. That would allow you to connect the power solution to your home grid to sustain energy for most appliances, electronics, and beyond, so the power stays on in the event of an outage. A single SBV unit can provide up to 3,800-watts of power, while two units can be chained together for up to 7,600-watts of power. That’s enough to power a house, normally, with minimal consumption changes, including appliances like a washer, dryer, heater, refrigerator, and more. So, it’s the ideal home backup power solution for days, even weeks, when failures occur. Plus, thanks to SemiSolid-State Technology — some of the most advanced in the industry — it offers enhanced safety during many unwanted power events, which is also an industry first. But don’t worry, if you don’t already have a generator installed, you can still get the SuperBase V up and running, and quickly. But unlike traditional generators, the SuperBase V is eco-friendly and produces no emissions during use, and it’s safe indoors for families too.

Zendure SuperBase V – The Grid

It delivers instant power anytime, anywhere. With 14 output ports, there are enough outlets to power any device(s) you could want, and simultaneously. What’s more, the self-powered wheels on the bottom make transporting the unit, its deployment, and moving it around your home, or campsite, super easy. You can bring it with you when you leave home, or use it at home when power is a major concern, or even use it when the power grid and power sources are not a problem. For example, you could use it in your backyard during a party to power up some speakers, an electric grill, and other necessities — without having to run messy extension cables to a nearby outlet.

Introducing the Zendure SuperBase V’s excellent features

Zendure SBV with with satellite batteries connected and powered on.

As a power station, the SuperBase V surely excels, home or away. Of course, here are some additional features that the SuperBase V offers:

  • Industry-first Semi-Solid State home and energy storage system
  • The first home energy storage solution with built-in 120V and 240V dual-voltage options
  • Expandable capacity up to 64-kilowatt-hours
  • 6.6-kilowatt max input (an industry first)
  • 3,000-watt solar input support
  • Time-of-use programming to help reduce energy bills
  • Smart Home Panel with EV outlets
  • Voice controls with Alexa or Google Home compatibility
  • Zero-downtime uninterruptible power supply (UPS) access

EV charging for cars, RVs, and more

Zendure SuperBase V power station EV charging in the garage.

It’s one of the most portable and versatile EV charging systems ever thanks to the form factor and capacity. It can charge a vehicle for up to 20 miles of use in just 1.6 hours, and you can always add a Satellite Expansion Battery to double the miles for an even better charge. By pairing the SuperBase V with the Zendure Smart Home Panel — which is sold separately — you can charge up to two vehicles at once.

The 3,000-watt solar input, AC and DC output and motorized wheels mean it’s perfect for on-the-go and off-road use too. It will become your RV’s new best friend, and you’ll probably never go on a trip without it once you have it in your kit. By adding four of the Satellite Expansion Batteries the capacity increases to 25.6-kilowatt-hours of energy storage. Those batteries can also independently supply the RV with power, and collect solar power to recharge, without being connected to the main unit. So you’re getting a fully modular system that works independently, right alongside your power station, if you grab some of the extra batteries.

Pre-order the SuperBase V now

Zendure SuperBase V power station product image.

Starting September 27th at 9 AM PST, Zendure’s SuperBase V Kickstarter campaign will be available, which means you can pre-order the unit and its accessories ahead of its official launch. This is not the first time a portable power station was funded via a crowdfunding platform, but it is one of the most exciting, especially considering the SuperBase V is so versatile.

We can’t wait to see how it’s being used by people in the real world, whether to solve complex power concerns at home or on the open road while living truly off-grid. You can always find more information at the Zendure SBV Facebook group, as well.

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