Young Amazon Driver Being Hailed a Hero After Rescuing 6 People From A Burning House


Amazon delivery driver, Kevin Rivera, was at the tail end of his day in Long Island when he noticed that a house in the neighborhood he was in was up in flames. As he passed by, he also noticed that the front door was wide open, yet it seemed that no one in the house knew what was going on.

Rivera shared in a report with WMTW, “I just saw the fire just getting bigger and bigger. I just rushed in, because I didn’t want nobody to die in that house.”

As he entered the home, the entire family of 6, including a baby, had no clue that their house was actually on fire. And what made it even harder was the fact that there was a communication barrier, making it even harder for him to tell the family that their house was in the midst of burning down. He further explained, “They was just confused.

Finally, he managed to get the family to safety by having them escape through the back door. And when the family understood what was going on, they were run over by emotion and started to cry. Rivera shared, “They just started crying. They just go emotional.”

Not too long after, the Syosset Long Island firefighters arrived at the house. They had received a call about the fire, and got there just 4 minutes after receiving the 9/11 call. They were incredibly relieved to see that the family was standing outside by curb, alive and unharmed.

Since the incident occurred, Rivera has been congratulated by the Long Island community for risking his life and being so selfless as to help the family escape before their story became even more of a tragedy.

According to one neighbor, Amanda Johnson, who happened to film the house as it was burning told the news that they should all thank the Amazon delivery driver for what he did since he did way more than most Amazon delivery drivers would ever have to do when delivering a package. Johnson shared, “It would have been a lot worse.”

Rivera also shared, “Everybody is calling me a hero.” He also added, “To be honest, I just feel great that I did something.”

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